Though books can be a great source of escapism, I’ve found that the best books are often those that provide useful insight and challenge me to grow. Over the years, I’ve stumbled upon many books that have changed my perspective on life and taught me invaluable lessons. Some books have made me laugh, some have made me cry but each one left an imprint on my life in some way or another.

From gaining empathy to learning something new— reading books has proven to be essential in helping shape my views and outlook on life.

Overall, I highly recommend picking up a book every chance you get as books can open doors to fresh ideas, considerate points of view, and explore worlds unknown.

Lucie xx

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Lucie Babikian

Hi there! I’m Lucie, and welcome to my blog! I’m here to share with you some life experiences, books that had an impact on my life and the way I simply view (and try to make sense of) this world.

Lucie xx

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