11 Best Ideas To Shop For Your Preppy Room Decor!

Are you hoping to lend a touch of class and style to your bedroom? Preppy room decor is the perfect way to do just that. From preppy wall art, furniture, lighting fixtures, accessories and finishing touches – there are plenty of ways for your space to look stylish yet still be comfortable.

What makes a room aesthetically pleasing?

Aesthetics in a room depend on many factors, such as the color palette, furniture arrangement and choice of accessories. A pleasing room should have elements that are harmonious with each other, without being overly cluttered or chaotic. Natural light is also essential for creating an inviting atmosphere. Lastly, personal touches like artworks or photos help make the room unique and reflect your personality.

What is preppy room decor?

Preppy style decor is a classic, timeless look that combines traditional and modern elements. It features bright colors, stripes and patterns, nautical themes, plaids and ginghams, natural materials such as wood or rattan furniture pieces with neutral accents like whites and grays mixed with strong, bright colours.

What is preppy room decor style?

Preppy style rooms are characterized by their classic and timeless designs. They often feature bright colors, stripes, plaids, gingham patterns and nautical accents like rope or anchors. Furniture is usually traditional in design with clean lines and simple silhouettes that create a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Accessories such as bookshelves filled with hardcover books, framed photographs of family vacations or antique pieces add to the preppy feel of the room. Preppy style is perfect for those who want an inviting space that still looks polished and put together.

What do you need to make your room preppy?

To make your room preppy, start by selecting a neutral color palette of whites, grays and blues. Choose furniture pieces with clean lines for a modern look that still feels cozy. Add pops of color through accent pillows or artwork to give the space personality. Include statement lighting fixtures such as chandeliers or sconces to add an elegant touch.

Finally, accessorize with gold-toned frames, mirrors and vases to bring in a luxe feel while staying true to the preppy aesthetic.

Here are the 11 items for a preppy room decor:

We’ve rounded up 11 must-have items so she can get the most out of her preppy style makeover. Let’s dive in and see how we can turn an ordinary bedroom into something extraordinary with these amazing pieces.

  • Preppy Wall art: Choose wall art in preppy colors and classic designs to add an instant touch of elegance.

Preppy wall artpreppy room decorpreppy wall art

  • Preppy Mirror:   A classic round mirror with a preppy frame is the perfect addition to any room.

preppy room decor mirror preppy room decor mirror

  • Preppy Night Light:  An ornate table lamp in bold colors can set the tone for the entire room.

night light night light night light

  • Preppy Rug:  Select a simple, floral patterned rug to add texture and warmth to your space.

preppy rug

preppy room decor pillow throw pillow preppy pillow preppy pillows preppy pillows

  • Preppy Curtains:  Select preppy curtains in stripes or prints for a stylish, yet timeless look.

  • Preppy Lights:   Choose string lights in festive colors for a fun, inviting atmosphere.

preppy lightspreppy led 

  • Preppy Bookshelf:  Select a bookshelf with classic detailing to store your favorite novels and knick knacks.

preppy shelf preppy shelf

  preppy orgasniserorgaziser preppy room decormini basket preppy

  • Preppy Speaker:  Place a Bluetooth speaker in the room to enjoy your favorite tunes.

preppy room decorspeaker preppy room decor speaker

preppy room blanket


With these simple preppy touches, you can instantly transform your space into one that oozes style and sophistication. Enjoy!


To conclude, preppy room decor is a great way to give your daughter’s bedroom an updated look. With the right wall art, furniture pieces, lighting fixtures and accessories you can create a space that she’ll love for years to come.

Don’t forget those finishing touches like throw pillows and rugs.

Preppy room decor is sure to be a hit with any Preppy style teen or a Roblox fan (like my daughter) looking for something special in their own personal space.

Happy decorating 🙂




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