“Beyond Order” by Dr Jordan Peterson – A Book Review

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. In his latest book, “Beyond Order”, he elaborates on the importance of hierarchy in human societies and how it can be used to create order. This book offers a fresh perspective on life and gives readers a roadmap for personal transformation. It is an insightful read that will change how you look at the world around you.

Dr Jordan Peterson’s new book, “Beyond Order,” is a fascinating read. In it, he explores using chaos and order to create a more meaningful life. The book is packed with information, and I found myself highlighting passages on nearly every page. Whether you’re a fan of Dr Peterson or not, this book is worth picking up. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
In “Beyond Order”, Peterson dives deep into the concept of hierarchy and how it can be used to structure life positively. He discusses how each individual is responsible for creating order in their own lives and argues that this same responsibility should extend outwardly to impact the more extensive social system. His argument is compelling and thought-provoking— emphasizing that hierarchy as an organising principle does not have to lead to oppression or exploitation of the powerless.

In addition to discussing the importance of hierarchy, Peterson also provides readers with practical advice on achieving personal balance. He outlines twelve virtues (such as courage, temperance, wisdom, justice, etc.). He believes these are necessary for leading a meaningful life. Dr Peterson encourages readers to strive for mastery of these virtues and guides cultivating them. He also delves into the power of storytelling, exploring its potential as a tool for personal transformation.

About Dr Jordan Peterson & Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life

‘Beyond Order’ is a book that will help you discover and fulfill your creativity, strength, and potential. This is the latest offering from the renowned author of 12 Rules for Life. He provides actionable insights about personal development to millions worldwide. Dr Peterson is a clinical psychologist, professor, lecturer, and author. He has a broad research base into human behavior, beliefs, and motivation. With ‘Beyond Order’, he delivers twelve more invaluable life lessons that readers must do to become their best selves. Through purposeful choice-making and creating meaningful lives, Dr Peterson masterfully shows that it’s not just experience or knowledge that transforms lives but humility and grit to accept life’s realities. Which can make all the difference!

Main Points of the book:

Beyond Order by Jordan B. Peterson is much more than a book. It’s a toolkit for finding order amidst chaos and unlocking the door to true contentment. Each chapter lays out principles and strategies readers can use in various aspects of life, such as productivity, relationships, parenting, and creativity. The core message is that meaning-establishment is vital to lasting well-being and personal growth. Peterson strongly believes it can only arise by nurturing and respecting ancient wisdom while transitioning towards modern adaptation. Overall, Beyond Order offers practical advice in disciplining focus and developing the courage to conquer fear. All this while never ceasing to start constantly growing with the environment and passion. Borrowing heavily from timeless wisdom traditions, including Stoic philosophy on resilience throughout life events, this book encourages healthy living by understanding new perspectives on life. Combined with old-world disciplines – Order beyond imagination ensues!

My thoughts and opinion:

Beyond Order by Jordan B. Peterson tackles the difficult task of bringing order to chaos in organisations and individuals. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Peterson perfectly synthesizes information from multiple disciplines into tangible methods. Which can be implemented to help make sense of our everyday lives. He explains his remedies for disorder within the context of inspiring stories from science and history. Leaving us with a toolbox of examples to draw from when we face our own challenge-fraught situations. Beyond order is worth the read if you seek honest advice on managing life’s messes!

Did this book have an impact on me? Yes, yes, it did!

Reading Jordan B. Peterson’s book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life has been a life-changing experience. Through Mr Peterson’s writing, I’ve learned to pay attention to the more profound meaning and importance of each moment that passes by quickly and often goes unnoticed. I’m slowly learning to appreciate each challenge. These are opportunities for growth – for self-reflection and understanding the value of living with a purpose beyond the material world. It sometimes seems that reading this book couldn’t wait any longer—than it was meant at this exact moment in my life!

Favourite Bits:

In this book, Jordan Peterson dives into new territory with thoughtful advice like “Chase Beauty” and the daunting “Compare Yourself to Who You Were Yesterday.” Peterson is known for his unique, sometimes controversial life advice. This time he takes an innovative approach by offering ideas categorised into four sections – Prioritise, Concentrate, Sacrifice and Grandeur. Peterson’s exploration of topics like “How to Keep Growing” despite current difficulties is humorous and heartfelt as readers join him on a journey filled with examples of overcoming struggle using character-building stories from ancient myths, the Christian Bible and his own personal experiences. By the end of the book, those seeking growth will find takeaways that are sure to change their lives for the better.

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Do I recommend ‘Beyond Order’?

Reading allows us to walk in another person’s shoes, take a journey through another perspective, and experience life as someone else might. So when it comes to Jordan Peterson’s book “Beyond Order,” I say you don’t take anyone’s word for it – read this masterpiece yourself! It will open up a world of ideas and understanding that is totally unique to the reading experience. I have found much joy and peace in discovering what this book has taught me, and I implore others to join me in the same journey of exploration!
In conclusion, I highly recommend reading this book. It has changed how I think about many things, and I am sure it will do the same for you. If you are interested in learning more about how your brain works and how to use that knowledge to improve your life, this book is for you. So go out and get yourself a copy – you won’t regret it! Overall, “Beyond Order” is an inspiring and enlightening book that challenges readers to think critically about their lives and relationships. Peterson’s thoughtful analysis of hierarchy is compelling, and his advice on achieving personal balance is practical and wise. This book is essential for those interested in self-help and those looking to understand the larger systems at play in our world today. Highly recommended!

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