Lucky Girl Syndrome Affirmations: The Hype and Dangers

We all heard the phrase, I’m a lucky girl. Some say it jokingly and others actually try to make it their reality. Lucky girl syndrome affirmations have taken over the internet filling TikTok with endless videos about the trend and the positive things it brought to believers.

I’ve noticed some have even had luck landing in their laps just days after repeating these lucky girl syndrome affirmations.

But is there something to these positive statements, or are we just setting ourselves up to be disappointed when things don’t go our way?

I am a big believer in affirmations. They give us something positive to focus on and allow us to train our brains to see good.

It’s also a nice, gentle pep talk that reminds us how capable we are. Lucky girl syndrome affirmations are certainly taking advantage of the power of these positive phrases.

Let’s dive in and explore what this syndrome really means and if it lives up to the hype.

lucky girl syndrome affirmations

Lucky Girl Syndrome and Affirmations Explained

Though some claim to have embraced this way of thinking years ago, its recent prevalence can be traced to TikTok user Laura Galebe, who made a viral video in late 2022 talking about being one of the luckiest people I know.

Although she makes a point of talking about her positive outlook, Galebe admits that she can’t say for sure when she began this way of thinking.

There’s really no right or wrong way to embrace lucky girl syndrome, because there is no magic button or equation.

Some simply stumble onto this type of thought process naturally and others have to actively reprogram their brains by reminding themselves, over and over, how lucky they are.

What’s the Concept?

Lucky girl syndrome falls in line with two well-known concepts: the law of attraction and the law of assumption. The law of attraction explains that the energy behind your thoughts (good or bad) can shape your experience in the real world.

This way of thinking was initially explained in the book The Secret and even goes back centuries when cultures tied to Buddhism believed that we should maintain an awareness of our thoughts in order to gain control over our mind and experiences.

So while most haven’t lucked out on those winning lotto numbers yet, many on the app have attributed sudden new career opportunities, pregnancies, and money to consistently practicing this lucky thought process.

The law of assumption, on the other hand, dives a little deeper. It proposes that should someone assume and believe something to be true – that concept becomes their truth.

It challenges us to think about ourselves and our goals from an outsider’s perspective in order to eliminate those negative thoughts and habits. The individual that practices the law of assumption shouldn’t exist in a constant state of yearning – but rather gratitude.

To break it down: Start with the desire. Then shift from longing for it to believing that you’ve already got it in your grasp.

We can easily tie this to Lucky Girl Syndrome and explain it in the form of an experiment, because as some point out on the app, it’s simply a thought process of assuming that whatever happens in our life is for our benefit.

For example, imagine you need a new car desperately because the one you have broke down months ago, making things a lot more difficult.

A lucky girl shouldn’t allow those feelings of despair and desperation to overtake their everyday thoughts.

So how should this play out, assuming we’re being 100% optimistic?

Step Lucky Girl Mindset
You need a new car but are worried you can’t afford one. It may take a while but this isn’t permanent. A new car will arrive – one that fits both my wants and budget. This obstacle will make me more prepared when my new ride finally shows up.

A bit out there? Maybe. Is this real? Well, as I’ve seen, these seemingly out-there philosophies aren’t exactly new and many attribute real results to believing in this thought process and regularly practicing it in their lives.

Lucky girl syndrome also encourages individuals to speak their assumptions to themselves and others in the form of an affirmation, which, when used regularly, is said to retrain our brains to be more optimistic.

Why it Matters for People That Don’t Feel So Lucky

When we were kids, many of us used silly sayings in hopes that they would bend the rules a little and create our desired outcomes.

Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck. Then we stumble onto those sayings from elementary school like, step on a crack, break your mother’s back making us all avoid sidewalks carefully and then immediately feel terrible when we hear it and our mom’s across the globe.

But why do we repeat these phrases, even though many know there’s no actual power behind them?

Well, as we know, as we’ve learned as we’ve grown and come face to face with reality – bad luck exists and so does good luck.

Although many times our luck is really just preparation meeting an opportunity – we still look for those phrases and ways of thinking that offer even a minuscule possibility that it’ll bend the universe’s hand a bit in our favor.

Those feelings of looking for any hint of positive outcome only escalate as we grow. There are job searches where I get rejected a dozen times but I just KNOW, I have a good feeling, the next one’s THE one.

There are relationships where you just have that good feeling. Is this delusion?

Do the Good Feelings Hold Any Truth?

If you look up, “does lucky girl syndrome work,” the general response is a big YES.

Lucky girl syndrome uses positive affirmations – which have been scientifically linked to rewiring the human brain to find more optimism.

A positive approach, such as theI’m so lucky, everything works out in my favor mentality that has taken TikTok by storm, actually utilizes elements of cognitive behavioral therapy.

This type of therapy has us consider how our own thoughts and feelings have a major impact on our behaviors. It stresses that the negativity that often stops us from taking opportunities and approaching things with a positive, open attitude can be changed because these behaviors are learned.

And what can you learn? Anything you set your mind to.

But, while a positive thought process may bring good things, let’s not be delusional and assume good fortune just lands in your lap for no reason at all.

Putting in the Work

Yes, it’s been said that using affirmation cards may change those neural responses in our brain, putting us in a better, more positive frame of mind.

But in order for our hopes and aspirations to meet with reality, it requires a healthy mix of a good outlook and taking action in the real world. Affirmations on their own mean absolutely nothing.

Imagine two job candidates with the exact same experience interviewing for a prestigious high-level position.

We’ll even say that they both wake up and chant, This job is mine and the universe will give it to me, a popular lucky girl syndrome phrase, into their bathroom mirror.

While positive thoughts and feeling grateful have been said to give a competitive edge, so does taking into account other things, such as economics and the privilege that each applicant brings with them.


The Dangers of Believing that Only Good Happens

We need to address the fact that many cultures and schools of thought see a person’s good fortune as their destiny, based purely on who they are in life.

For example, prosperity gospel is a school of religious thought whose devotees believe that their wealth, as well as career successes, have been blessed upon them because of the relationship they’ve built with God and through donations to their church.

Think televangelists with designer clothes, sports cars, mansions and yachts that have all been granted to them because they truly believe that the Lord sees their success as a gift. Lucky girl syndrome could also be taken too far.

Those that consistently tell themselves that, only good happens, as noted in a popular 2023 news story, are ignoring the flip side of that coin: Bad things will always happen.

The thought of everything will always work out could fall into the realms of toxic positivity, pushing negative thoughts aside in hopes that pretending those anxieties don’t exist will help attract happiness.

Where Toxic Positivity Meets Lack of Gratitude

A more recent concept known as that Girl, for example, highlights that privilege (specifically thin, white privilege) plays a prominent role.

In its most blatant display: A beautiful thin influencer shows their regimented day on their journey toward living a clean and healthy existence while showing off those pricey luxury beauty and skincare products in an attempt to convert their audience to follow in their steps. You’re so lucky, and “this universe is rigged in my favor”, the typical mantra for believers, pops up in the comments.

Sure, having that feeling that things always fall into place could be beneficial for our overall mental health, but relying on it, leaning into it entirely, neglects those elements of our experiences that are influenced by reality – especially as most humans fall outside the privileged that Girl archetype.

We can’t chant those phrases until, magically, our salary reaches 6 figures (as some of those commenters believe) because systemic barriers play a large role.

The Benefits of Recognizing Privilege and Negativity

Many girls who buy into lucky girl syndrome don’t see those harsh experiences in life (things not always working out as planned, grief and hardship) as learning opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

I am 100% for a healthy mindset – those who say affirmations, work at changing the inner voice of doubt that lives within us, and keep moving forward in life toward achieving goals despite hardship. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of dismissing negativity, as so many on the internet seem to do now.

Embracing privilege (for those who have it), such as being a cis-gendered straight white woman (or anyone not experiencing marginalization and its effects in everyday life), is not something we should be afraid to recognize.

In fact, recognizing it might actually help our mental and spiritual health, and we shouldn’t feel like we’re complaining just by saying things like, Maybe my dream life isn’t only the outcome of lucky girl affirmations, and “I am so lucky because I get help from my parents”, because as many who grew up experiencing those advantages tell me – good luck isn’t always just something you think into being.

Embracing a Mindful Approach: Beyond “It Worked for Me”

The key is recognizing that some will only ever take what they need, cherry-picking from philosophies in order to quickly boost their mental state.

If I spend all my free time looking for ways to easily become a lucky girl because a TikTok creator swears, “the universe gives me whatever I want”, it creates an environment of self-sabotage and lack of motivation to actually do any real work in hopes of reaching goals.

Lucky girl syndrome affirmations may indeed make us feel a bit better – but the catch is finding real balance and accepting that a healthy and fulfilling existence doesn’t exist because we speak niceties into being.

Tips to Enhance Your Experience

I’ve used and continue to use daily positive statements and intentions in my own life and I know there’s something to them, so, if nothing else, start with one of these tried and tested affirmations:

  • I have the power to create change. lucky girl syndrome affirmations
  • I am blessed, loved and appreciated.lucky girl syndrome affirmations
  • My abundance flows freely in all areas of my life.lucky girl syndrome affirmations
  • I am filled with peace, health and balance.
    I am filled with peace, health and balance.
  • I am capable of achieving my dreams.

Don’t just chant these sentences absentmindedly, as if they are magic formulas. Find meaning within them. Be 100% optimistic when you recite them and use them as a starting block to find true personal growth.

Go Beyond Simple Quotes

Many spiritual mentors will tell you – finding real abundance in life means looking inwards. Use techniques that address what’s holding you back in hopes that, at the very least, you can see things with a healthy dose of perspective.

Try meditation or even prayer as you repeat your chosen affirmations, for example. The book The Energy Code, for example, reminds us that many times what seems bad now will later, down the road, become something really beneficial, especially when we have to navigate situations with those anxieties.

Acknowledge Systemic Barriers

We should give ourselves some much-needed recognition when we reach those hard-earned goals, recognizing that lucky girl affirmations weren’t the sole factor behind that success – so don’t deny your ability to see the big picture.

This means coming to terms with negativity (sometimes we do lose out on the best case scenarios that we thought were already in our hands) while understanding the roles that privileges (things we probably can’t control) have on the direction of our life.

It Takes a Village

Sometimes having just a few great people by your side is the lucky strike you were seeking in hopes that things will go your way.

There are moments in life where a small positive shift can be all you need.

Don’t underestimate those that provide guidance and support while keeping us honest when the thought, everything always works out in my favor creates blindspots that we should really be wary of.

FAQs about lucky girl syndrome affirmations

What is the affirmation for Lucky Girl Syndrome?

While there is no one lucky girl syndrome affirmation, a well-known phrase from those who practice this technique on TikTok is I’m so lucky.

What is the Lucky Girl Syndrome phrase?

Although numerous lucky phrases exist, a recurring affirmation in Lucky Girl videos on TikTok is everything works out for us.

What is the Lucky Girl mantra?

There isn’t a single Lucky Girl mantra but “everything works out in my favor”, is an example.

How do you practice Lucky Girl Syndrome?

Believers regularly practice lucky girl affirmations. These could be personalized statements or commonly used lucky girl phrases that are said to bend the will of the universe in their favor.

They train themselves to only embrace those events that happen for their benefit, even if in the beginning a difficult or negative experience requires some careful navigating and unpacking until its true blessings become clear.

Self Love Habits


Don’t be afraid to approach those difficult situations and thought patterns with your own special sauce.

A healthy relationship with yourself is all about finding that personal magic bullet that inspires real change and fulfillment.

Lucky girl syndrome affirmations won’t solve all of life’s troubles but using affirmations alongside a willingness to see hardship as a journey can get you moving in a more productive and abundant direction.


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